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Need talent with coping skills?

Hire a therapist. Seriously.

Justine Mastin is a panel moderator, mental health consultant, and guest host for Pop Culture Conventions, conferences, and corporate events.

You deserve an emcee with empathy.

The world doesn’t need another talking head just in it for the shock value. You need someone who can lead with compassion, charisma and playful professionalism on the main stage of your next convention, conference or corporate event.

I'm Justine Mastin.

Over the years I’ve played many roles in the public eye. Emcee. Author. Podcaster. Voice over actor. Educator. Yoga Teacher. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) focused on fandom-centered narrative therapy.

Yup. A therapist.

Are you wondering what being a therapist has to do with interviewing your special guest on stage at a Pop Culture Convention or moderating a panel of speakers? Everything.

As a therapist, I literally make my living talking with people every day, listening to them, and asking them questions that lead them to the heart of the matter in a 50-minute session. I’ve heard it all and nothing shocks me, which means you can be confident that I can hold it together and gently redirect if someone drops a bombshell live on stage. Add in years of performing in the theater, doing voice work, and running my own business, and I’m pretty much ready for anything.

When you need a witty emcee or a interviewer people feel they can talk to, hire me.

How I Can Help

Panels + Hosting

I'd love to moderate your panel or interview your special guest.

Justine smiles at the camera wearing a blazer with a question mark broach.

Keynote Speaker

Hire me to speak at your conference, convention or event.

Justine lounges on the Iron Throne, legs over the arms of the chair.

Voice Overs

Let me bring your books, movies, and characters to life.

Justine stands in a super hero pose, hands on hips, silhouetted against the Minneapolis skyline.

Mental Health Consulting

Make sense of mental health in your workplace.

Ready to chat? Let's do this thing.