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Self Care Talks

Learn more about important self-care topics in these free videos.

Boundaries (9 min.)

Boundaries are important, but did you know that there are different kinds? Spend a few minutes with Justine to learn about the three different types of boundaries and why they matter. 9 minutes.

Coping Skills (6 min.)

How do you cope with the stress in your life? Are those coping skills serving you well? Spend a few minutes with Justine to learn how to identify your current coping skills and think up new ways you might cope with stress if you’d like to try something different. 6 minutes.

Exceptions (4 min.)

Gratitude is a powerful practice to develop in your life. But what about those moments where finding things to be thankful for is hard? Spend a few minutes with Justine to learn about how looking for exceptions to the story you have about your life can help you rediscover gratitude. 4 minutes.

Mindfulness 101 (8 min.)

Everyone talks about mindfulness, but what does that mean? Justine explains mindfulness and why it matters in this short talk. 8 minutes.

Self-Compassion (5 min.)

Learn what self-compassion is, why it matters, and how to give the gift of self-compassion to yourself. 5 minutes.

Self-Hugs (4 min.)

Hugs can be soothing when we’re having a hard day. But what if you’re not around someone you feel comfortable asking for a hug? Self-hugs to the rescue! Spend a few minutes with Justine and explore how you can hug yourself whenever you need it. 4 minutes.

Stress Mountain (8 min.)

Learn what happens when you’re under stress, why people handle stress differently, and what you can do to manage stress in this video. 8 minutes.