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Mental Health Consulting

Helping you make sense of mental health in your work.

Does your work accurately address mental health concerns?

If art imitates life, your creative pursuits should consider authentic representations of mental health.

There’s nothing worse than a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional person.  And that includes characters, plot lines and performances relating to mental health concerns, relationship dynamics, and family systems.

I can help you bring your characters and storylines to life realistically in: 

How's morale at work?

If your workplace feels more like a Game of Thrones battle scene than you’d care to admit, it’s time to bring in an expert to help you navigate back towards peace.

I help organizations identify mental stressors in the workplace, create an action plan, and coach the team on implementing it successfully.

I'd love to help you bring mental health to the forefront of your work. Let's talk about it.

Contact me about mental health consulting.