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YogaQuest FAQs

New to yoga? Not sure exactly what to expect? We understand. We were new to yoga once too.

YogaQuest Online: Commonly Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about yoga at YogaQuest.

Q: What do I need to practice yoga with YogaQuest Online?

A: A yoga mat is helpful, if you have one. You might also want a yoga block or sturdy book, a bolster or firm pillow.

Q: What should I wear to practice yoga?

A: Anything that you feel comfortable moving in! Most people wear stretchy pants and fan-girl / fan-guy t-shirts. Fleecy pants or pajama pants work too if you’re comfy in those, though you may have to hike them up a little for some poses.

Q: I’ve never done yoga before, and I’m not very bendy. Can I do yoga?

A: Everyone can do yoga! We will show you how to help make poses more accessible and using yoga props or items you have around the house. YogaQuest is a judgement-free zone. Yoga is a template and it fits everyone’s body a little differently.

Q: Is YogaQuest Online good for kids?

A: You bet! Children often enjoy participating in YogaQuests!

Q: How do the narrated YogaQuest classes work?

A: This is the thing that really sets us apart. Justini Yogini creates a fan-fiction adaptation of a geek-favorite and adds “yogiography.” Then she narrates the story and guides the yoga poses.

Q: What kinds of fan-fiction can I expect in YogaQuest Online classes?

A: YogaQuest Online adventures are inspired by a broad variety of geek-culture fandoms. Some have been whole “seasons” on a theme, some have been stand alone episodes, and some have been mashed-up together. All have been awesome (we think so anyway). Where will we go next? Join us to find out!

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